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What is social threefolding?

The threefolding aims to achieve constitutional reorganization of society and an accurate allocation of social phenomena, without having to create any party programs. The concrete political organization is kept open: It will have to be redefined for each moment of global historical development. A healthy social order implies a differentiation of society into the fields of cultural sphere (culture and education), economic sphere and rights sphere. These three divisions of the community are autonomous, and will thereby influence one another positively and organically with their results. In this sense the rights sphere - also called the State - may not intervene into the autonomy of the cultural sphere and for instance pursue school politics. Only if the areas are autonomous and not mixed, they can develop themselves on their own terms and bring out their own ideals: Liberty in the cultural sphere, equality in the rights sphere and fraternity in the economic sphere. Only the differentiation makes the ideals of mankind alive: When they are mixed they waive themselves mutually, and any other allocation of the ideals would work destructively: Equality in the cultural sphere kills all innovations, liberty in regard to law cancels all laws.

The free cultural sphere builds up the abilities and skills that mankind needs for its spiritual and material existence and development. Skills can only emerge in the cultural sphere. Everything that is connected with abilities and skills, belongs into the range of the cultural sphere: Business managers with a real, and not only one which is based on an economic power, belong to the cultural sphere alongside with teachers and artists.

Furthermore all kinds of capital or credit systems are in the long run dealing with the question where to allocate a person with his or her abilities for the purpose to create an economic process. Capital is a matter of the cultural sphere. Therefore the capital should be controlled by the cultural sphere and the capital be freely left up to capable entrepreneurs until their retirement or death. Thereafter the capital arrives to a new capable entrepreneur by donation because capital cannot be inherited because it is linked to ability.

Likewise judging other humans is an ability, which only the personalities of the free cultural sphere fully possess. For this reason the jurisdiction is to be taken out of the rights sphere. The accused himself should be able to pick out a judge from the cultural sphere, which he regards as the ablest one. This guarantees quality in the judiciary, instead of a jurisprudence detached from reality.

All thoughts are free, and therefore copyrights are an arrogance and in fact a mental theft itself. Humans should be mentally free and therefore a forced association into groups with an implied group-conditioned binding to language and values is to be rejected. In this sense: each human being is a minority of one. A free cultural sphere must be an autonomous area, where a free and tolerant cooperation within the cultural sphere is made possible through corporations

The economic sphere is made up of goods production, goods circulation and goods consumption. Human needs are satisfied in the economic sphere. The needs are assessed plumbed by associations in a three fold community and here an appropiate adjustment of market and price will be made.

The currency belongs to the economic sphere as well. Without means of production, there is no exchange. Therefore, money must come into existence where means of production are working, that is decentral in every single firm, and will have to disappear if these no longer produce. Only money with such a limited «life span» can avoid inflation.

In the rights sphere all individuals are equal before the law, and here everyone faces every other citizen on equal terms. Here everything manifests itself democratically, as it depends on the judgement and the feeling of mature person. The state is however no superstructure of civil society, but only a constituent of society alongside with the cultural sphere and the economic sphere. With the democratization of the state, the guardianship of the super-state should have already crumbled and left a society with autonomous spheres like the cultural and economic one.

There is however no evidence of this, and therefore the most urgent task consists of imposing boundaries on the institutionalized monopoly of force in the name of liberty and fraternity, and to repel the dictatorship of cultural and economic regimentation. Therefore the threefolding does not aim for political power to change social conditions, but counts on the free acknowledge of mankind and on the economic and ecological necessity of our globalized world

Sylvain Coiplet